Virgin Media Complaints Number

Virgin Media Complaints

With Richard Branson’s entrepreneurial skills as an influential driving force behind what is the UK’s only national cable network, boasting around 4.8 million customers comprising approximately 3.79 million TV subscribers, 4.2 million broadband customers and 4.1 fixed-line telephone users – it’s not surprising that Virgin Media is the preferred choice of many.

Making a complaint regarding your Virgin Media service

virginmediacomplaintsDespite Virgin Media’s customer-driven approach there are still times when complaints need to be raised. Utilising such far-reaching technical and customer care capabilities Virgin Media has both the skill and manpower to address your individual entertainment and telecommunication issues.

To discuss your situation please call the Virgin Media Complaints number provided – lines are open from 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and between 9am and 5pm on a Saturday.

Are you a Cable or National customer?

When raising a complaint it is important to state whether you are a Cable customer (i.e. you receive your services through fibre optic) or a National customer (i.e. your services are delivered via a phone line) – this will ensure your complaint is efficiently directed to the relevant department.

Departmental issues

Complaints are naturally diverse in nature, however there are common issues typically associated with Virgin Media’s main departments – for your reference we have illustrated some of the most regularly raised queries and their possible resolutions. Although you may still want to talk to a Virgin Media complaints advisor there may be some hints which could help to resolve problematic areas, for example:

Faults with your Virgin Media service:

Q. It is imperative I have internet access but I can’t connect – what do I do?

A. There are six steps which can help to rectify such situations, they are:

  1. Ascertain if maintenance work is being conducted in your area, this can be done via another computer by visiting Virgin Media online and selecting the ‘service status’ (available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week) – alternatively please call the Virgin Media customer service team.
  2. Try connecting to various websites – ensuring the technical issue isn’t purely attached to a specific address.
  3. Assess your computer and broadband equipment, rebooting the system if necessary – please note that instructions regarding the restarting of your modem & associated equipment can be found at, alternatively, don’t hesitate to ask an advisor for guidance.
  4. Whether you have a Virgin Media Hub or Virgin Media Super Hub the lights on the hub and/or modem can be used as diagnosis tools – identifying problems as they occur.
  5. If using a wireless connection you will find a troubleshooting guide at – specific guides are dependent upon whether you have a router or similar device, or you are connected using a Virgin Media Hub (or Super Hub).
  6. Finally, check your iD address, ensuring that Virgin Media actually recognise you as a customer – otherwise you will experience internet communication problems. It is vital to run tests adhering to your operating system which could be: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, 98, me or Mac

Please note that if you are still experiencing problems (especially with equipment not provided by Virgin Media) a member of the Virgin Media team will gladly provide contact details for their ‘Digital Home Support’ department.

Problems with billing and payments:

Q I’m dissatisfied with Virgin Media. I haven’t completed my minimum contract period but want to cancel, will I be charged?

A. Minimum contracts typically last 9, 12 or 18 months and if terminated early they usually do incur a fee – this is determined by the type of Virgin Media bundle you have. If you decide to leave after your minimum contract time, Virgin Media will require 30 days notice.

To discuss your individual situation further please use the Virgin Media contact number provided – your call will be connected swiftly to a dedicated advisor.

Difficulty making calls using your Virgin Media service:

Q My outgoing service isn’t operational, how do I fix it?

A. There are four basic checks you can conduct within the comfort of your home or office, which may help to remedy your situation, these are:

1. Assessing whether there is a technical fault with your actual phone – this is achievable by plugging a working phone into your phone socket or trying the troublesome phone at another property.

2. Ensure you haven’t selected the ‘Outgoing Call Barring’ facility on your telephone.

3. Unfortunately certain makes and models of telephone aren’t compatible with Virgin Media systems – a member of the Virgin Media team will gladly explain more.

4. If you have missed a payment on your bill or have added extra elements to your package which haven’t been accommodated for, some of your Virgin Media services may be effected.

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