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Virgin Media TVVirgin Media TV provides digital TV of the highest quality, with over 185+ Channels to choose from including 27 HD Channels, everyone in the family will be spoilt for choice. View your favorite Movies in the very best High Definition or in amazing 3D, all of your TV viewing can be managed with Virgin’s exclusive TiVo system, this is their magic box and is bursting with some fantastic features to ensure all the Sports, Movies, Soaps and Disney Films are never missed! Simply call our Virgin Media Contact Number on 0843 515 9016 and get with the program!

Virgin Media have TV Packages to suit all viewing needs wheather you are simply a Film Buff or enjoy a more relaxed programm such as the many Discovery channels or National Geograpgic, they are sure they can provide the perfect TV Package for you, choose from the M+, L and XL bundles all of which are explained below, however if your still uncertain call and speak with one of Virgin’s agents on our Virgin Media Contact Number 0843 515 9016 where you will be well looked after.

TV Packages Explained

As mentioned above Virgin have several bundles, these are made up as follows;

M+ – 90+ Channels, 6 x HD Channels, 700 Hrs of Catch Up TV, 1500 Hrs of TV On Demand, 8+ Sky Channels, Pay Per View Movies and Virgin Anywhere TV

L – 130+ Channels, 6 x HD Channels, 700 Hrs of Catch Up TV, 1900 Hrs of TV On Demand, 10 Sky Channels, Sky Anytime, Free Music Videos,Pay Per View Movies and Virgin Anywhere TV

XL – 185+ Channels, 27 x HD Channels, 700 Hrs of Catch Up TV, 2500 Hrs of TV On Demand, 14 Sky Channels, FX, Disney, ESPNSky HD, Pay Per View Movies and Virgin Anywhere TV

TiVo Not Only The Best Way But The Only Way To Watch TV!

Effortlessly and simply find all of your favourite programmes across all available channels, find brand new programms and set them to remotly record online at anytime and from anywhere in the world with Virgin Media TiVo:

TiVo® service. This is their Flagship TV Service with an amazing 1TB TiVo box which can record upto 500 hours of standard TV programms or approximatly 100 hours of the greatest HD TV. The 500GB box is pretty special too, with recording space of around 250 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD TV. Virgin think the TiVo service is by far and away the ultimate way to watch TV…… Ever, Call our Virgin Media Contact Number on 0843 515 9016 and start to enjoy TiVo TV Bliss.

Along with the above Channel Package Options and the TiVo service Virgi Media offers many other TV Media Service such as TV Anywhere allowing you to watch Virgin Channels on your PC, Laptop or Tablet at anytime and anywhere, also take a look at the TV On Demand Service, hundreds and hunderds of some great movies, sporting events and shows, to discuss any of these call our Virgin Media Phone Number and an advisor will help you in selecting the best products for your needs.

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