Virgin Media TV Anywhere

Virgin MediaTV Anywhere is here……..

Virgin Media TV AnywhereGet this people……. you can now watch ‘Live’ TV anwhere in the world on your PC or Laptop with Virgin Media TV Anywhere, we have 30 or so available channels and hours and hours of On Demand TV just waiting for you, come on whats to wait for?

So you want to become a Virgin TV Antwhere expert? Lets get you started!

To take advantage of the Virgin Media TV Anywhere service its as simple as 1,2,3 – With many of the features used to navigate around the service being the same as the ones used to operate your Virgin Media TV you will have no problems in getting set up, you can call and speak with a member of their team on 0843 515 9016 or have a go yourself by following the below 4 steps;

1. Type in and connect to the following URL
2. Sign in to the page using your current Username and Password assigned to your Virgin Media Account
3. Register the details of your device, a maximum of 2 devices are aloud.
4. Your now ready to sit back and enjoy your favorite shows on the move.

Lets check you have the Tech Spec!

You will need IE (Internet Explorer) 7+ or Firefox 14+, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Using a MAC you will need Firefox 14+ or Safari 5.0, MAC OS x 10.5+

Adobe Flash
You will need version 11.4.402.287 or above of Adobe Flash Player

Make sure you have enabled ‘Java Script’

Firewall & Pop Up Blocker
Please ensure your firewall or pop up blocker is set to allow as a trusted site

Finally, please enable Cookies.

All Done and Hooked Up……Lets Get Watching!

Now you are live take a look at whats on ‘Right Now’ or flick through whats there for you in the ‘On Demand’ area or simply view your TV Listing, all these are activated by the tabs at the top of the screen and dont forget, if you are a Virgin Media TiVo user you can use this service to log on and mange your TiVo Box from anywhere in the world, cleaver isnt it!



5 / 5 stars     

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